The Legacy of Kolkata::City of Joy

Kolkata was the First Capital of India, Later British Moved to Delhi.

The East India Company was established in Kolkata only and Kolkata become the biggest commercial Hub for Indian Sub-Continent.

Slowly Some Anti factors become active and they have all eaten the Legacy and Economy of Kolkata and Most of the Organisation has been moved to Mumbai-Western and Southern Part of India.

Now Kolkata is suffering from Non-Commercialization, Youth are moving from Kolkata for Employment to different part of India. Still Kolkata is being named as City of Joy and we will explain you how it is City of Joy, you will also agree with us after reading below points about kolkata.


  • First Capital of India: Kolkata
  • First port of India: Kolkata
  • Nobel Laureates of India: 6 out of 7 are from Kolkata
  • National Poet of India: From Kolkata National Anthem, Rabindra Nath Tagore
  • Song of India: From Kolkata
  • The only inspiration for youths by whose name International Youth day is celebrated: Swami Vivekananda is from Kolkata.
  • Largest library in India: Kolkata
  • Largest Museum in India: Kolkata
  • The city in India where trams run still as a public transport: Kolkata
  • India’s largest cricket stadium: Eden Gardens,Kolkata
  • India’s largest football stadium: Salt Lake stadium Kolkata ( also Asia’s largest)
  • Largest Botanical Garden in India: Kolkata ( Shibpur Botanical Garden)
  • Largest zoo in India: Kolkata ( Alipore Zoo)
  • India’s first medical college: Kolkata ( Medical college, Kolkata)
  • India’s first University: Kolkata (Calcutta University)
  • India’s only film director who got an Oscar: from Kolkata ( Satyajit Ray)
  • First Miss Universe of India: from Kolkata ( Susmita Sen)
  • Largest race course in India: Kolkata
  • Oldest cricket club of India:- Calcutta cricket club
  • First city in India where Metro rail as a public transport started: Kolkata
  • The only city of India for which the whole bollywood industry depends when it comes for music and direction: Kolkata
  • Highest number of Scientists and doctors are from which city in India: Kolkata
  • Largest railway station of India: In Kolkata ( Howrah)
  • Busiest railway station of India: Kolkata ( Sealdah)
  • Only riverine port of India: Kolkata Port
  • Only Cantilever bridge in India : Howrah Bridge (Kolkata)
  • Largest golf course of India: In Kolkata (Royal Calcutta Golf Club)
  • Largest second hand book market in India: College street ( also second in the world)

Really, No Doubt Kolkata is not the only City, Kolkata #Kolkata_the_city_of_joy💜 👍👍👍👍



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