Strategy & Planning in Stock Market

Today, Everyone will share

message that if you had invested

Rs. 100 in 1980 in BSE Sensex

Today, Everyone will share message that if you had invested Rs. 100 in 1980 in BSE Sensex…Today Rs. 100 worth of 27000 means 17% CAGR return produced on your investments…But Most of us does not know bitter truth that 29 out 30 companies in 1980 Sensex are not part of 2015 sensex…means if you had bought 1 share of each company in 1980 Sensex…chances that you found that 25 companies delisted and balance 5 shares value produce less that 6% CAGR which is less than Bank FDs or PPF.

In last 35 years…Approx. 10,000+ (Ten thousand Plus) companies launched their IPOs but today active traded stocks are less than 3000+…means retail investor lost their capital in 70% (7000+ companies) and  25+ compaines who had issued their IPO between 2005 to 2012…today their share price just only 10% to 1% of Issue price…I found that approx 2000+ Crore money lost by retail investors.

To avoid above kind of mistakes and have a good return on investment with a peace of mind in the long run…pls read below article.

An Ideal Asset Allocation Strategy for Retail Investor to earn Good Returns with safety, liquidity , flexibility & Tax efficiency.

1st Learn the Golden Principles of Family Financial Planning.

1.      You have to save minimum 30% of post tax Annual Salary/Income for future certain Goals.

2.      Build a contingency corpus for the six month of household expenses & EMIs.

3.      Focus on your basic needs & avoid an unnecessary Luxury expenses & Impulse Shopping.

4.      Constant enhance your Financial Quotient.

5.      An appoint qualified CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and pay the annual fees because no free lunch in this world to prepare your comprehensive family financial plan (Life’s Road Map)

A Retail Investor should invest as per asset allocation (Broad Categories) 

1) 30% Debt (1st Preference to PPF (1.5Lakh) & balance among Long term MF debt fund (40%), Tax free Bonds (20%), Bank FDs (20%) Traditional LIC(20%)

2) 30% Equity (1st Preference ELSS, Large cap MF, Index ETF, Large cap shares, Sector / midcap funds)

3) 30% Real Estate (1st own home, 2nd home for rental income, 3rd Commercial & 4th Land)

4) 5% Alternative investments (Precious metals, Gold ETF etc.)

5 ) 5% One’s Self development- Regular investment in one’s knowledge & skills Upgradation gives guaranteed double digit return in the long run.

Above Asset allocation will help Retail Investor to get optimum tax efficient return with the safety and liquidity.


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