Tips to Secure your Credit Card

Tips to Secure your Credit Card

Lets put out some tips to secure your credit card

  • Do not share your one time credit card password (IVR) with anyone ever
  • Scratch your CVV number and remember it in your head !
  • While making any online transaction, make sure the website starts with https://
  • While making any transaction offline like on petrol pumps , hotels etc, make sure its swiped in front of you as far as possible.
  • Make sure the card is swiped on a machine which is issued by authorized banks and not some machine which looks suspicious , it can be a “Skimmer” machine which steals your data.
  • Put a signature on the back of your credit and debit card, so that unauthorized transactions are not done and you are protected a card holder
  • If possible, better use a credit card which has a small limit like 10k or 20k for shopping.
  • There are Virtual Credit Cardthese days, you can use them for online transactions

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