Its All About Chennai

Its All About Chennai

“When two men are fighting” – You will always wonder that it is going to be nasty, but in the end either they just use their abusive language and move on, else, police man will intrude only to loosen some weights of their wallet.

When you land in Chennai Central for first time without knowing anyone, You will be paying around 300 INR for the distance of 10 Km ride in Auto, maybe be higher if you’re lucky.

Where every person looking fair (Of course not in terms of justice) is considered as North Indian.

Where the control of house (Read as State) is in the hands of Mother (Read as Amma) for five years only to be handed over to father (read kalingar) for next five years. The vacation of Mother or Father is often spent running to courts.

Where water the elixir of life is sold @ 1.5 INR (maybe more) and rice is free.

Where Engineering College is more then the primary health care.

Where best investment is to open a college.

Where TV is given free, and Channels are run by political parties.

Where development means how much Kgs of Gold you have.

But you or I or anyone say anything, Those who have seen real Chennai will come back from heaven to live here, simply because it is different, it is different from whole of India, I have been to almost all the cities of India, from West to East, from the Advancements of Gujarat to Natural Beauties of Seven sister lands, from the Heavens of J&K to very tip of Indian Peninsula, it is different it is a country in itself, people are very jovial, and orthodox, where still people believe in good and bad deed, where people still fear to do wrong, it is different.

But anything, Full India is ours, North to south from east to west, it is vast and varied and nice and good,

But apart from being a person of region and country we are a human, human not bound by imaginary lines drawn across countries, as free as bird we are,

To sum up, my favorite lines,

“Proud to be Indian,
Prouder to be Human,
Proudest to be alive to enjoy this wonderful world”

That can aptly converted to :-
“Proud to be Chennaieties,
Prouder to be Indian,

Proudest to be a living being to sense the world”

(Any person from Chennai or anyone for the sake of being Tamilian, before you utter the word of hatred to me, understand this “Am not against you”)


– Shared by One North Indian Living in Chennai


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