How to Build Confidence- some techniques

How to Build Confidence- some techniques

Meaning of Fear and Confidence:

Fear/confidence may be described a state of mind accompanied with some action or behavioral change which occurs due to happening of some event or arising of some situation. That action or change in behavior may be anything i.e. positive, negative or neutral. However the event may be past/present/ future.
To meet new person say for interview
The person on the other side will not bite you. He/she is the same human being with some extra knowledge, better position.
He/she will not take a pistol and put on your head will say I will kill you.
Try to make some cozy environment, talk to parents and say that we love you lot. They must have some expectation, talk to them  and convince what you want to do in ur career
Losing Job
Work hard and show your bosses your performance or switch job before something negative happens
Losing Wife
Love her and talk her regularly with some positivesness
Not earning the desired returns on investment
Do thorough study before investing. Do not borrow so much that you family come on road.
Have much saving to take care you children’s future
Losing Exam
Study hard instead of worrying
Not to speak in English
Practice- write, speak, and read English. Nothing is impossible. Believe in yourself. Faith can move mountains.
No to successful in business
Find out the reason. Improve productivity. Ask some industry expert to advice. Tie-up with some competitor. Better to join some job
To convince  some girl for friendship
Techniques to build confidence:
1.    Action cures fear. Isolate your fear and then take constructive action. Inaction- doing nothing about a situation-strengthen fear and destroys confidence.
2.    Make a supreme effort to put only positive thoughts in your memory bank. Don’t let negative, self-deprecatory thoughts grow into mental monster. Simply refuse to recall unpleasant events or situations
3.    Put people in proper perspective. Remember, people are more alike, much more alike than they are different. Get a balanced view of the other fellow. He is just another human being. And develop an understanding attitude. Many people will bark, but it’s a rare one that bites
4.    Practice doing what your conscience tells you is right. This prevents a poisonous guilt complex from developing.  Doing what’s right is a very practical rule of success
5.    Make everything about you say, ‘I’m confident, really confident.” Practice this little technique in your day-to-day activities.
a.    Be a “front seater”
b.    Make eye contact
c.    Walk 25% faster
d.    Speak-up
e.    Smile Big

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