Understand IFRS-India’s Accounting Standard

IFRS in 140 characters or less… each! Enjoy. ✔IAS 1 Presentation: All accounts must have P/L, SFP, Cash Flows, Notes, Comparatives ✔IAS 2 Inventories: Value at the lower of cost (to get to location/condition) and Net Realisable Value (Price less completion/selling costs) ✔IAS 7 Cash Flows: 3 headings 1. Operations (Turn P/L and working capital… Read More Understand IFRS-India’s Accounting Standard

Understanding of GSTR-1

I have already Posted about GSTR-2 which is bit difficult to file than GSTR-1, but some have asked about GSTR-1 too…Sharing the same for GSTR-1. You can Check GSTR-2 Here:- https://ayushagrawal.wordpress.com/2017/10/16/how-to-file-gstr-2-for-july-2017gst/ Understanding of GSTR-1 Under GST, the Government has come up with an effective Form-Based Reporting System that needs to be filed either monthly, quarterly… Read More Understanding of GSTR-1

ISO Certification::Benefits::India

Benefits of ISO Certification- A literature review. ✍Your organisation should have a clear idea of your objectives and what benefits it will gain by achieving ISO Certification. You have to be prepared to incorporate the Management Systems into every area of the business. ✍All staff must be aware of what is expected of them and where their areas… Read More ISO Certification::Benefits::India